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File Under Progressive

and welcome to the official website for British rock band the Covenant.

With the exception of having neither a huge international fan base nor a countless string of multi-platinum hit albums, the Covenant are the archetypal English rock supergroup.

Writing, recording and performing their distinctive brand of progressive rock for over two decades the band have won the hearts and minds of a select but devoted group of followers across the UK and beyond since formation in 1984.

Although friends and followers know the band do not take themselves entirely seriously they also know the same cannot be said of their music. Of this they are fiercely proud, and most who know the band agree that whilst comparisons with other bands of the genre are inevitable, the Covenant still somehow manage to create a sound which is truly unique.

This site gives you the opportunity to experience their music for yourself and we offer you a very warm welcome whether an old friend or a newcomer to the band.

Finally, if you like what you hear then get in touch and let the band know. They'd like to hear that lugging all that gear around for over twenty years wasn't a complete waste.

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