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the Covenant :: circa 1986

It's true your paths have gone awry,
but now we're back to put things right.
So cue the music, cue the lights,
and trousers that are far too tight.

"Spectres at the Feast"


For those who don't already know, the Covenant are a rock band from the north of England writing and performing original material. Formed in late 1984 their style is difficult to categorise (even by themselves) but to avoid confusion they are probably best 'filed under progressive' (this being the title of their latest recording available to download here for free).

Their writing and performances over the years have regrettably been less than prolific.

At virtually every turn the band have been dogged by misfortunes of one shape or another (eventually christened 'the curse of the Covenant'). This, coupled with periodic doses of apathy and a music industry less than warm to their style of music during the 80s and 90s contributed to a somewhat chequered career. Yet despite these setbacks the band are still firm friends and continue to write and record.

Over the past two decades the band have enjoyed a variety of different line-ups but have always been a four piece rock band.

The current line-up is the same as that of 1985, namely Steven Perkins (Guitar), Stephen Thomas Hall (Lead Vocals and Keyboards), MIchael Dennison (Bass) and Paul Turrell (Drums).

Other important contributors over the years include Ant Brown (Drums), David Bower (Backing Vocals), Ged Hambly (Bass), Dave Mitchell (Drums) and Nick Lister (Drums). As you can see, the band adopt a 'Spinal Tap' style approach to drummers.

In addition to numerous 'demo' recordings the band released their first single 'Stations' in 1986 and swiftly followed this up a mere eight years later with the release of their debut CD album 'Spectres At the Feast' in 1994. Flushed with success the 'File Under Progressive' project was completed in 2006 and is available here for free download. More releases may yet arrive although holding your breath might not be wholly advisable.

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